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Very happy with the first year working with VSA. They work like no other, they’re on top of it, I mean really ahead of the curve.


Excellent Marketing firm. They are fully integrated into digital marketing tools for our mid sized business. We had no social media , we weren’t advertising on google, and we really had a need to grow online. They knew exactly what we needed without us needing to say much about what we were or were not doing. They conducted an assessment based on our existing online presence and tailored something that would work for us. 3 months in and we are generating new business from our online presence.


One of the most excellent advertising agencies we have ever worked with. They have propelled our branding on voice search,social media, web presence to the top.Could not be more grateful, they are an excellent firm with a strong work ethic, technical knowledge and overall incredible people to work with. Thank You


I am very satisfied with how everything has come together after contacting this company. All the communication and explanations regarding confusing topics have really given me insight on how to best prepare my company in the digital age we’re in.

They are very diligent and professional and provide a full report of what’s going on in the campaign, and also makes suggestions that make sense for my business to continue to thrive. We’re looking into Facebook ads next. Looking forward to it.


VSA has a knowledgeable team helping me to set up my voice search and SEO, so that I can put my energy and focus more on my business. Great customer service!


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